——HOK and SAP Release Report on Designing the Esports Venue of the Future

LONDON —Global design firm HOK and software company SAP have published a new research report exploring the future of e-sports venues.

伦敦 ——全球性设计公司HOK与软件公司思爱普(SAP)发布了一份研究报告,探讨了电子竞技场馆的未来。

Over 450 million people will view an e-sports event in 2019, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global sports and entertainment industry. “Developing the Esports Arenas of the Future” explores the factors driving this explosive growth, the unique audience and how the e-sports venue of tomorrow will look very different than traditional sports facilities.、


Key design features explored in the report include:

- A non-traditional seating bowl

- An immersive environment

- Reimagined geometries and spatial organization

- More intimacy

- A blending of technology with the built environment

- Hospitality-driven experiences


- 非传统的坐席

- ?#20004;?#24335;环境

- 几何结构和空间结构的重新构思

- 更多的亲密感

- 高科技技术与建筑环境的融合

- 享受更好服务的体验

“Purpose-built venues have historically had a significant impact in establishing a sport in a culture and community,” said Nuno Guerreiro, an architect at HOK and co-author of the report. “Because of the length of these events and technological requirements, e-sports have a unique audience seeking more connected, hands-on experiences. Architects and designers have an opportunity to rethink every aspect of the traditional sports and entertainment environment—from a building’s location and form down to the seat.”

“历史上,专门建造的场馆对在文化和社区中建立一项体育运动文化有着重大影响。” 本报告的合著者HOK建筑师Nuro Guerreiro说。“由于这些活动的?#20013;?#26102;间和技术要求,电子竞技拥有寻求更多互动体验的独特的观众群。建筑师与设计师可以?#28304;程?#32946;运动和娱乐环境的各个方面重新进行思考 – 从建筑的位置、类型到场馆内的座位。”

Guerreiro collaborated with Carlos de la Barrera, a senior designer at HOK, and Federico Winer, head of EMEA for Entertainment, to author the report.
Guerreiro与HOK高级设计师Carlos de la Barrera和EMEA for Entertainment的主管Federico Winer一起撰写了此报告。

"The esports industry is growing faster than any other entertainment segment, with forecasted growth of 35% year-over-year for the next five years. We see endless opportunities for SAP's technology solutions to influence and impact the experience for the whole value chain, from publishers to organizers to arenas,” said Federico Winer, head of entertainment industries at SAP. "We are in the era of intelligent enterprises and corporations need to transform data into insights, providing optimal experiences for internal and external stakeholders. These proposed solutions for the future of the esports venues showcase the beginning of how advanced technology, paired with creative built environment solutions, can inspire innovation and digital transformation."

“电子竞技产业的增长速度快于其他娱乐行业,预计未来五年每年增长35%。我们看到SAP的技术解决方案有无限的机会影响整个价值链 – 从发行人到主办方再到体育场馆。” SAP娱乐产业负责人Federico Winer表示。“我们正处于智能企业时代,企业需要把数据转化为洞察力,为内部和外部涉众提供最佳体验。这些针对电子竞技场馆未来的建议解决方案展示了先进技术与创造性建筑环境解决方案的结合将如何激发创新和数字化转型。”

HOK’s Sports + Recreation + Entertainment practice has expertise in the design of arenas, stadiums, ballparks, training facilities and recreation centers. The group plans and designs world-class sports complexes that are centerpieces of successful, vibrant entertainment districts, communities and campuses. Current and recent projects include FC Barcelona’s New Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona, Spain; Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the State Farm Arena renovation in Atlanta; Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi; Rogers Place and the Ice District in Edmonton, Alberta; Little Caesars Arena in Detroit; and the renovation of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.


With offices around the globe, HOK designs buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and the environment. HOK designers are rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination and focused on a solitary goal: to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities.

借助遍布全球的办公网络,HOK通过设计出响应人类与环境需求的建筑楼宇和空间场所来协力创建一个更?#29992;?#22909;的世界。HOK 的设计师们植根于深厚的专业技术,充满激情与创造力,聚力于一个最终的目标:为客户和社区提供激励人心的解决方案。




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